1 Apple, Pear, and Nagaimo Yam Salad * *1 蘋果梨子山藥沙拉 * *

<!--:en-->1 Apple, Pear, and Nagaimo Yam Salad * *<!--:--><!--:zh-->1 蘋果梨子山藥沙拉  * *<!--:-->

1 Apple, Pear, and Nagaimo Yam Salad * *1 蘋果梨子山藥沙拉 * *

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Nagaimo Yams or ‘Mountain Yams’ are rich in nutrients, aid in digestion, improve spleen and stomach health, and also help lower blood pressure. The yam itself has little taste, and has a sticky texture similar to the insides of okra. Because it has no taste, it pairs perfectly with sweet light fruits and vegetables with a sauce of some sort. The most important part of this dish is the orange sauce which gives the dish its flavor. Be sure to use fresh oranges, and fresh orange zest which will enhance the flavors of the fruit and yam and give it a wonderfully fragrant and tangy flavor.

Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 5 minutes
Total time 10 minutes
Region Chinese


  • 1 cup of nagaimo yams
  • 5 to 6 slices of apple
  • 5-6 slices of pear (preferably Asian pears)
  • 1/2 an orange
  • 2 tsp of orange peel


Step 1
Peel the yams, then slice, and cut into half inch strips.
Step 2
Mix together the yams, pears, and apples.
Step 3
Orange sauce: Take half an orange (peeled and seeded), cut into slices. Put in blender with 1 teaspoon of orange peel. Pulse it several times until it has a thick texture. Do not overblend it or you will have orange juice! (For a natural and refreshing taste do not add any salt, sugar or other seasonings!)
Step 4
Place the sauce on top of salad, garnish with 1 tsp of julienned orange peel, and serve.

1 蘋果梨子山藥沙拉 * *

山藥中含有豐富的營養成份,能健脾胃,又可降血壓血脂,對有便秘和更年期婦女非常有幫助。因為它無味道,所以我設計幾款可甜可鹹可冷可熱的菜式搖身一變各 各都很有風味。希望大家會喜歡!這道菜最重要的是自製的橘子醬料,一定要用新鮮橘子和一小片橘皮打成泥,才又香又酸甜,清新爽口。


  • 山藥:一小段,是所有蘋果、亚洲梨的一倍(這份食譜是 1 人份的)
  • 蘋果:5-6 片
  • 梨子:5-6 片亚洲梨,或 21 世紀梨
  • 橘子:半個
  • 橘皮:新鮮橘皮 1 小片,像小茶匙這麼大

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