28 Black Fungus and Red Date Soup

28 Black Fungus and Red Date Soup

28 Black Fungus and Red Date Soup

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28 Black Fungus and Red Date Soup

In China, black fungus is called “the blood vessel cleaner”. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It can even be used to treat bloody stool as a result of constipation. It also contains natural collagens. Not only does black fungus help to maintain good health, but it also good for your skin firmness. Black fungus is a traditional Chinese medicine. My grandmother ate it often. It is more effective on an empty stomach.


  • 1 oz. of black fungus, use the black fungus that is white on the bottom and black on top
  • 5 red dates
  • 2 slices of ginger, use ginger whose skin is wrinkled rather than smooth
  • 2-3 Tbsp of goji berry (wolfberry)
  • 5-6 cups of water
  • A pinch of rock sugar (can substitute brown sugar); if you are preparing this as a dessert, use more sugar to taste; if preparing as medicine, don’t add sugar


Step 1
Rinse the black fungus and soak in cold water until soft (about 3 hours). Then cut off the stems and cut the tops in half. Next put the water, black fungus, red dates, and ginger in a pot and simmer over low heat until all ingredients are soft and the amount of water has reduced to about 2 cups. If at this point the black fungus is not soft enough, add more water and continue to cook.
Step 2
If you are preparing this dish as a dessert, add the goji berries and sugar to the soup. Boil for a little longer. Then it’s ready to eat.


Eating black fungus can loosen blood clots and thin your blood. Therefore, do not eat this before or after having surgery, getting a tooth pulled, or while you are menstruating.