94 Shanghainese Red Cooked Bitter Melon94 上海紅燒苦瓜

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94 Shanghainese Red Cooked Bitter Melon94 上海紅燒苦瓜

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94 Shanghainese Red Cooked Bitter Melon

This method of braising bitter melon originates in Shanghai and is therefore comparatively sweet and must be served cool. The flavor is both tasty and not too bitter. For those who aren’t fond of bitter melon, you can substitute Chinese mustard greens.


  • 1 bitter melon, or 3-4 cups, can substitute with Chinese mustard greens
  • 3 slices of ginger
  • A dash of soy sauce
  • A dash of oil
  • A pinch of salt
  • At least 3 tsps of rock candy or brown sugar, to taste


Step 1
Cut the bitter melon into bite-sized pieces. Heat oil in a wok or frying pan over medium heat. First stir-fry the slices of ginger. Then add the bitter melon and stir-fry with the ginger. Finally add the soy sauce, salt, and sugar. As you stir those seasonings in, pour in some water. Cover the pan and simmer.
Step 2
Simmer until the bitter melon is cooked all the way through and is soft. Then remove the pan from the heat, transfer the contents to a serving dish and cool to room temperature before eating.

94 上海紅燒苦瓜

這苦瓜是上海式的燒法所以比較甜,而且一定要吃冷的又入味又不會太苦 ,不愛吃苦瓜可用大菜心來代替。


  • 苦瓜:1 個,或 3-4 杯,也可用大菜心
  • 薑片:3 片
  • 醬油、油:少許
  • 鹽:少許
  • 糖:至少 3 茶匙,冰糖或紅糖(依個人喜好適當)

做 法

Step 1
Step 2