97 Cold Eggplant in Ginger Sauce97 涼拌茄子

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97 Cold Eggplant in Ginger Sauce97 涼拌茄子

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97 Cold Eggplant in Ginger Sauce


  • 4-5 Chinese eggplants (they are longer and skinnier than typical eggplants you find in American grocery stores), or 1 small American eggplant
  • 1/2 cup of ginger, minced
  • A little bit of red Bell pepper, julienned, for garnish
  • A dash of soy sauce
  • A dash of sesame oil
  • A dash of vinegar
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of sugar
  • 1-2 Tbsp of hot water


Step 1
Rinse the eggplants. Cut off and discard the tops and bottoms of the eggplant. Cut each eggplant into thirds. (If you cannot find Chinese eggplants and are using an American eggplant, cut the eggplant into thick strips about 4” in length and about 1.5” wide)
Step 2
Boil water in the bottom compartment of a steamer. Steam the eggplant in an upper compartment of the steamer for 7-10 minutes over high heat until the eggplant is cooked all the way through and is soft. Then take the eggplant out of the steamer. Next using the flat side a knife, gently press down on side of the steamed eggplant until it begins to separate. Then use a fork or chopsticks to tear the eggplant into thick strips. Transfer the eggplant strips to a pan and cool. (If you are using an American eggplant, you will need to steam it for longer before it is completely cooked.)
Step 3
In a medium-sized bowl, mix together the minced ginger, all of the seasonings, and the hot water. When you are ready to serve the eggplant, pour the ginger sauce over the top and garnish with the julienned red Bell pepper. Before serving, mix the eggplant and the ginger sauce well.

97 涼拌茄子


  • 茄子:4-5 根
  • 薑末:1/2 杯,薑末要切的很碎
  • 紅椒絲:少許
  • 醬油、麻油、醋:少許
  • 鹽、糖:少許
  • 熱水:1-2 湯匙

做 法

Step 1
把茄子洗淨,去頭尾後切成 3 段( 如用美國茄子切成 4 吋長的粗條狀 )
Step 2
在蒸籠裡把水煮滾後,放進茄子用大火去蒸 7-10 分鐘至完全熟軟即可拿出,用刀面將茄子輕輕一壓使茄子散開後,用叉子或筷子把茄子撕成粗條狀,裝盤待冷( 如用美國茄子要蒸久一點才熟透 )
Step 3