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40 Poached Asian Pears and Apricot Seeds

40 Poached Asian Pears and Apricot Seeds This dessert can be considered traditional Chinese medicine. This is a recipe my grandmother often used to make. The soup can be used to clear the lungs, suppress coughing, and transform phlegm. It is especially effective on chronic coughs and seasonal allergy coughs. Both children and the elderly will enjoy this […]

38 Noodles with Sesame Sauce * * *

38 Noodles with Sesame Sauce * * * INGREDIENTS A handful of soba noodles (serving appropriate for a single person) 2/3 cup of (Japanese) cucumber, julienned 1/3 cup of carrot, julienned A dash of soy sauce A dash of vinegar A pinch of sugar A dash of sesame oil 1 Tbsp of sesame paste 1 […]

37 Braised Tomatoes, Squash, and Tofu Sheets

37 Braised Tomatoes, Squash, and Tofu Sheets INGREDIENTS 2/3 cups of tomatoes, chopped 2 cups of Chinese or Italian squash 1 cup of tofu sheets (optional or substitute with firm tofu), chopped into 2”x2” pieces (If you buy the dried kind, soak in warm water until soft before using.) 1/2 cup of fresh (oyster) mushroom, […]

35 Thai Lettuce Wraps

35 Thai Lettuce Wraps INGREDIENTS 1 head of romaine lettuce, only use the leafy part 1 cup of carrots, julienned 1 cup of (Mung) bean sprouts 1 cup of red cabbage, shredded 1 cup of (Japanese) cucumber, julienned 1 cup of yellow Bell pepper, julienned 1/4 cup of cilantro, chopped 1 tsp of ginger, chopped 3 […]

34 Tortillas with Avocado Salsa

34 Tortillas with Avocado Salsa INGREDIENTS 1-2 tortillas, can substitute with pita bread 1-2 avocados, mashed 1/2 cup of tomatoes, diced 1/3 cup of onions, diced 1/2 cup of corn, cooked 1 Tbsp black beans, cooked 1/2 cup of cilantro, washed and chopped 1-2 tsp of lime juice A pinch of salt A pinch of jalapeno […]

33 Braised Okra, Mushroom, and Tofu * * *

33 Braised Okra, Mushroom, and Tofu * * * Okra is a slimy vegetable that’s very good for the stomach. The more you eat the better. It’s especially good for vegetarians to eat. INGREDIENTS 1 lb or 2-3 cups of okra, cut into small pieces 1/2 lb or 1 cup of mushrooms, cut into small pieces […]

31 Japanese Style Egg Burrito

31 Japanese Style Egg Burrito INGREDIENTS 3 eggs, beaten 1/2 cup of tomatoes, finely diced 3-4 Tbsp of ketchup 1/4 cup of onions, finely diced 1/3 cup of peas, cooked 1/3 cup of carrots, cooked 1-2 cups of cooked white rice A dash of oil A pinch of salt A pinch of sugar DIRECTIONS Step 1 […]

30 Cilantro and Dried Tofu Cellophane Noodles

30 Cilantro and Dried Tofu Cellophane Noodles INGREDIENTS 1 bunch of cilantro, washed and chopped 1 cup of dried bean curd, cut into thin strips after blanching 1-2 cups of bean vermicelli/cellophane noodles (optional); soaked in cold water until soft, cooked, and cut into 6” segments 1 cup of spinach, washed and cut into 2” […]

29 Nagaimo Yam and Mango Salad * *

29 Nagaimo Yam and Mango Salad * * Fresh mango is not available in many places. You can use frozen mango instead. INGREDIENTS 1-2 cups of nagaimo yam, chopped 1 cup of mango, chopped DIRECTIONS Step 1 Using a blender, blend 1/2 cup of chopped mango until it resembles a thin paste. Step 2 Combine the yam […]

28 Black Fungus and Red Date Soup

28 Black Fungus and Red Date Soup In China, black fungus is called “the blood vessel cleaner”. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It can even be used to treat bloody stool as a result of constipation. It also contains natural collagens. Not only does black fungus help to maintain good health, but it also good […]

27 Homemade PIZZA * * *

27 Homemade Pizza * * * When my son was young, he often invited his classmates over to go swimming. After swimming they would always be hungry. It was at that time that I invented this homemade pizza recipe. It’s both quick and convenient. It’s also a good meal for single people to make. INGREDIENTS 1 piece […]

26 Sweet and Sour Coleslaw * * *

26 Sweet and Sour Coleslaw * * * You may choose to stir-fry this dish or not. You can also make the sweet and sour flavor very light. In America you can find and use many of the ingredients combined and prepackaged in the grocery store, which is very convenient. If you can’t find stem lettuce, […]

24 Braised Tofu Balls

24 Braised Tofu Balls INGREDIENTS 1 package of firm tofu 1/4 cup of carrots, diced 1/4 cup of peas 1/4 cup of mushrooms, diced 1/4 cup of corn 1/2 a bunch of mustard greens, washed and cut into 1” lengths A pinch of salt A pinch of sugar A pinch of white pepper A pinch […]

23 Asparagus with Red Dates *

23 Asparagus with Red Dates * INGREDIENTS 1 bunch of asparagus 8-9 red dates, cored, blanched, and diced 1.5 Tbsp soy sauce, diluted with 1/2 cup of water (adjustable to personal taste) DIRECTIONS Step 1 Remove ends of asparagus. Blanch in boiling water for about 30 seconds. Remove and dip in ice water (this will keep […]

20 Colorful Steamed Egg

20 COLORFUL STEAMED EGG INGREDIENTS 2-3 eggs, beaten 2 Tbsp of peas 1 Tbsp of carrot, finely diced 1 Tbsp of mushrooms, finely diced 1/3 cup of soft tofu, cut into small pieces Hot water in an amount equal to that of the beaten eggs A pinch of salt A dash of sesame oil (optional) […]

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19 Spinach with Sesame Seeds *

19 Spinach with Sesame Seeds * Ingredients 1 bunch of spinach, rinse thoroughly and cut off roots A pinch of white sesame seeds A pinch of salt A pinch of sugar A dash of sesame oil NOTE This is an appetizer served in Korean restaurants. You can substitute spinach with watercress for the same delicious, quick, […]

18 Curried Vegetables

18 CURRIED VEGETABLES INGREDIENTS 1/3 cup each of red and yellow Bell peppers:, diced 1 cup of broccoli, diced 1/2 cup of carrot, diced 1 cup of potatoes, diced 1/2 cup of onion, diced 1-2 tsp of curry powder 1 tsp of soy sauce A dash of oil A pinch of salt A pinch of […]

17 Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad * *

17 Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad * * INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup of cherry tomatoes 1 cup of baby spinach leaves 1/2-1 cup of fresh mozzarella balls 1 Tbsp of basil, washed, chopped A pinch of salt A pinch of garlic powder (optional) 2 tsps of olive oil A pinch of black pepper NOTE This dish is […]

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16 Japanese-Style Hand Roll

16 JAPANESE-STYLE HAND ROLL INGREDIENTS 2-3 sheets of seaweed, for sushi use 8-9 stalks of asparagus, blanched in hot water 1 Japanese cucumber, cut into strips 1/2 of a carrot, cut into this strips 1 avocado, cut into thick slices 1 cup of iceberg lettuce, shredded 3 eggs, hard boiled, peeled, and minced 1-2 cups […]

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15 Braised Napa Cabbage with Tofu Sheets

15  BRAISED NAPA CABBAGE WITH TOFU SHEETS INGREDIENTS 1 cup (oyster) mushrooms, cut in half 1 cup of tofu sheets, cut in big squares; if you buy the dried ones, soak in warm water until soft before use 1/2 cup carrots, sliced 1 cup black fungus, soak in cold water for 3 hours until soft, […]

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14 Fruit Salad * *

14 FRUIT SALAD * * Waffle cups are a great way to hold a variety of things, especially fruit salads and desserts. In this case it turns a light snack into a light meal with the added starch. Not only is it “environmentally friendly”, but afterwards you can skip doing dishes also. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS 2 […]

13 Tofu Stuffed Portabella with Tomato Sauce

13 TOFU STUFFED PORTABELLA WITH TOMATO SAUCE INGREDIENTS 1 large portabella mushroom 1 cup firm tofu 1/4 cup carrots (finely diced) 1/4 cup peas 1/2 ripe red tomato (diced) Tomato sauce A pinch of salt A pinch of sugar A pinch of corn starch A dash of soy sauce A dash of cooking oil DIRECTIONS […]

12 Japanese Style Cold Asparagus *

12 JAPANESE STYLE COLD ASPARAGUS * INGREDIENTS 1 bundle asparagus 2 tablespoons Japanese mayonnaise (or plain yogurt) DIRECTIONS Step 1 Bring pot of water to a boil, then drop in asparagus for 30 seconds. Drain and cut into thirds. Step 2 Chill asparagus in refrigerator until cool. After cooled, drizzle mayo on top, then serve.

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11 Potato and Walnut Salad

11 POTATO AND WALNUT SALAD This is a classic potato salad recipe, except we cut out the mayonnaise and replace it with yogurt for a healthier version. Enjoy. INGREDIENTS 2 Red Skin Potatoes 1 cup of celery (finely diced) 1 cup of walnuts (chopped) 1/2 cup of dried cranberries 2/3 cup of plain yogurt A […]

10 Radish and Lettuce Salad * * *

10 RADISH AND LETTUCE SALAD * * * INGREDIENTS 2 cups of radishes 1 cup of baby spinach 1/2 cup of chopped cilantro A dash of soy sauce A dash of balsamic vinegar A pinch of sugar A dash of sesame oil DIRECTIONS Step 1 Cut radishes into quarters. Step 2 Mix all ingredients together. Add […]

9 Bean Sprouts and Celery Salad * * *

9 BEAN SPROUTS, CELERY SALAD * * * INGREDIENTS 3 cups of raw beansprouts 1 cup of celery, julienned 1/2 cup of carrots, julienned Salt, to taste Sugar, to taste 1 Tbsp of sesame oil DIRECTIONS Step 1 Rinse beansprouts and remove the root if necessary. Place beansprouts in boiling water for 1-2 minutes then […]

8 American Omelet * * *

8 AMERICAN OMELET * * * This omelette is an American style tradition with a Japanese twist, also called a Tamago Roll. The recipe is fun and easy, and the kids will love it. Feel free to get creative,  mix and match ingredients, and add some cheese for some extra flavor! INGREDIENTS 5 eggs 1 […]

7 Steamed Multi-Grain Rice Cake with Red Beans

7 STEAMED MULTI-GRAIN RICE CAKE WITH RED BEANS Whole grains have a variety of B vitamins and are full of minerals that fruits and vegetables lack, thus making them a very important part of a vegetarian diet. Multigrain rice in particular has a much lower sugar content than white rice, making it the ideal choice […]

6 Avocado Tofu * *

6 AVOCADO TOFU * * INGREDIENTS 1 whole avocado, medium diced 1 block of soft tofu, large diced 1/4 cup of peanuts 1 Tbsp of soy sauce 1/2 tsp of sesame oil 1 tsp of chopped cilantro DIRECTIONS Step 1 Dice the tofu into cubes but keep in block. Step 2 Mix avocado, cilantro, and […]

5 Glazed Red Dates with Kabocha Squash

5 GLAZED RED DATES WITH KABOCHA SQUASH INGREDIENTS 2 cups of Kabocha squash/Japanese pumpkin, diced 1/2 cup of red dates 1 Tbsp rock sugar (if no rock sugar brown sugar/white sugar is fine) 2 Tbsp of cooking oil 2 cups water A pinch of salt DIRECTIONS Step 1 Soak the red dates in water until […]

4 Colorful Vegetable Wrap * *

4 COLORFUL VEGETABLE WRAP * * INGREDIENTS 2 flour tortillas 1 cup of iceberg lettuce 1/3 cup of purple cabbage, julienned 1/2 an avocado, sliced 1/4 cup Bell pepper (any color), julienned 1/4 cup of tomatoes, diced Onions, sliced (optional) NOTE If you only put vegetables in your burrito, it will be too dry. Try […]

3 Italian Asparagus Mixed with Mushrooms * *

3 ITALIAN ASPARAGUS MIXED WITH MUSHROOMS * * INGREDIENTS 1 bundle of asparagus 1 cup of cherry tomatoes 1 cup of mushrooms (any variety) 1 small handful of small pea shoots (garnish) 1 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil 1-2 Tbsp of balsamic vinegar A pinch of sugar A pinch of salt DIRECTIONS Step 1 Wash […]

2 Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

2 QUINOA LETTUCE WRAPS Quinoa is one of the earliest and most primitive grains on Earth. It contains a comprehensive variety of nutrition, and has even been used as meal replacements for astronauts in space. Originally from South America, quinoa is a supergrain with super flavor. INGREDIENTS 2 cups of quinoa, cooked 1/3 cup of […]

1 Apple, Pear, and Nagaimo Yam Salad * *

1 APPLE, PEAR, AND NAGAIMO YAM SALAD * *  Nagaimo Yams or ‘Mountain Yams’ are rich in nutrients, aid in digestion, improve spleen and stomach health, and also help lower blood pressure. The yam itself has little taste, and has a sticky texture similar to the insides of okra. Because it has no taste, it pairs […]

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